Our Process

When we go to a job, all the work is performed onsite, with the 3 processes below, done in a efficient and timely manner.


CurbMaster takes every step to ensure minimal disturbance to your property when installing your concrete edging. All of our equipment and materials are self-contained and you will not have any large equipment or debris on your property.


The concrete is mixed on-site to proper proportions with a self-contained mixer and trailer. The mixture of washed concrete sand, Portland Type I cement, aggregate and polypropylene fibermesh create a durable, strong concrete product.

Design is crucial and it should compliment your exisitng or new landscaping. We feel that our knowledge in the industry puts us a step above all the competition. We are fully insured and registered with a Class D Contractor's License in the state of North Dakota.

Your customized concrete color is added in the mixing process to ensure uniform color throughout the curb. The concrete is wheeled on site, fed into our compact curb machine and extruded into attractive and continuous concrete landscape borders.


Trowels are used to smooth out any imperfections in the concrete ensuring you a clean, finished product. Stamps and rollers are used to add a wide variety of textures and patterns to your concrete landscape edging creating a distinctive, beautiful, finished look.


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