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CurbMaster Specializes in Continuous Concrete Edging.
Here are some frequently asked questions and answers regarding concrete edging.

How much does it cost?

The average cost is determined by a number of things. The variables that affect our price are color, stamp, style, texture or site preparation may affect the final price. Price may be reduced if two or more homes in a neighborhood install edging at the same time the footage can be added to together to obtain volume pricing. Our pricing scales down as the linear feet scales up. Continuous concrete edging is very affordable compared to other types of edging on the market. Contact us for details on Block Party Savings.

How many feet around a typical house?

The average house is 175 to 250'. This may depend on if you wish to go around trees or planter areas. It takes approximately 15 to 20' to go around a tree.

What kinds of colors and styles do you have to choose from?

We offer three different types of molds Mower, Slant and Curb that will add a distinctive look to your landscaping. Along with the different molds we offer a wide variety of styles and colors to fit your budget and needs. You're sure to find a color and style that compliments your home or business. We also offer stamp patterns and texture rollers that will enhance the appearance of your landscaping and add curb appeal and value to your home.

Do you give free estimates and consult with the design?

Yes, we do give free estimates and design is crucial and should compliment your existing or new landscaping. With over ten years of experience in landscape design and installation we feel that our knowledge in the industry puts us ahead of all the competition.

Does CurbMaster offer any other landscaping or concrete services?

Yes, CurbMaster is owned and operated by a full service landscape and concrete contracting company. Please visit our landscape center at 4347 12th Ave. N Fargo, ND 58102.

How strong is continuous concrete edging?

Continuous concrete provides a durable, permanent, border with low maintenance. It won't rot, shatter, splinter, etc. Constructed of reinforced concrete, you can expect your edging to last for years to come. We use polypropylene fibers that are added to concrete before it is poured the fiber helps prevent cracking and holds the concrete together. When fully cured continuous concrete edging is rated at 4,000 psi (pounds per square inch). Total curing time varies from 14 to 30 days depending on the weather. Curbing is designed to be continuous poured in place edging with control joints placed 18 to 24' apart. These joints will allow the curbing to flex and move with the ground when it freezes. We also offer rebar for reinforcement at an additional cost. This option is for the non-believers and high automotive traffic areas.

Is rebar recommended in continuous concrete edging?

No, continuous concrete edging is not designed for rebar. However it is not rebar that is put into the edging it is a thin piece of wire embedded in the curbing. It is not recommended by the manufacturer of the equipment to make this modification. The wire will not stop the curbing from moving with the ground when it freezes. The flimsy smooth wire will only bend and slide within the curbing. The wire also has the potential of holding the curbing up when the ground thaws out in the spring making a void underneath the edging which could cause major water problems.

Do you offer any warranty?
No, due to the harsh climates of the red river valley and clay soils you can expect some cracking in the concrete. However, control joints are set in place to tell the concrete where to crack. Control joints will help the concrete move with the ground when it freezes and thaws.

Can curbing be repaired or added to later?

Yes, depending on the damage, many times the curbing can be set back into place and it will look and perform like it did when it was new. If the curbing has been severely damaged we can cut a stretch of the curbing out and re-pour a new section in its place. We cut curbing from previous pours with no problem, colors will be very close to matching. We keep record of the mix of color we use on each job so we can be consistent in color from year to year.

Does the backside of the curbing keep water from draining away from my house?

Depending if you are building a new house or in an established house. If you are re-doing edging around an existing house we may have to consider the landscape and determine if black dirt should be added due to settling.

How is curbing installed and is it messy?

A CurbMaster consultant will meet with you to explain options, confirm your specifications, discuss any special requests, and schedule your installation.

If there is existing edging it will be removed. Disposal of existing edging can be made with CurbMaster, we mark the ground using spray paint and then remove the existing edging. Next we remove the sod and pack and level the low areas. Then the concrete is mixed on site and brought to our extruding machine using wheelbarrows. The concrete is placed in the machine and is forced through our molds, which creates continuous concrete edge. The edging is then trawled to a smooth finish. At this time stamping or impressions can be added. Before hardening, expansion joints are cut into the concrete and clean up begins. CurbMaster thrives on making sure the work areas are well cleaned before leaving the job site. Enjoy you custom landscape provided by CurbMaster.


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